Minimal Effort AI Technologies

Uses AI to automate routine tasks, fostering creativity and innovation among workers, while leading the future wave of AI advancements.

Note: Only provides services within the United States.


Dedicated to addressing any repetitive labor

Document automation

Leverages AI to draft repetitive documents, which liberates human labor, improving productivity and efficiency within organizations.

Table analysis

AI is utilized to mine key data from tables, aiding in the discovery of significant patterns and insights. This contributes to data-driven decision making and strategic planning.

Email Automation

Utilizes large language models for automatic email responses, improving communication efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sentiment Analysis

Applies large language models to analyze sentiment in customer reviews and social media posts, providing invaluable insights for business strategy.

Resume Screening

Leverages large language models to screen resumes, optimizing talent acquisition and HR management.

Chatbot Development

Large language models to develop advanced chatbots, enhancing customer service and engagement.